Zero Encrypter

Zero Encrypter 4 is designed to convert regular files into highly encrypted files using a sophisticated rotating polyalphabetic substitution cipher.

Please note that messages encrypted with Versions 2.0 or 3.0 cannot be decrypted using Version 4.0, and vice-versa.

Zero Encrypter 4 requires the following:

One of the Following Windows Operating Systems:

The Following Software Installation:

One of the Following System Types:

To download your very own copy of this program for use on Windows computers, please click on the Download link below. If there is enough demand, we will create a Mac OS X and Linux version too.
Download Zero Encrypter Version 4

If you have tried the free trial edition, and wish to further enhance the capabilities of your copy of the Zero Encrypter, please consider purchasing the upgrade for only £5 / $8.

Please move your mouse over the image below for more information about Zero Encrypter Version 4.
Our interactive manual is still under construction. Please be patient while we complete it.

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