Zero Encrypter

Zero Encrypter is designed to convert plain text into highly encrypted text using a sophisticated rotating polyalphabetic substitution cipher.

Please try out Version 2 live on this web page. Simply type your message into the text box at the top of the interface, then change the Magic Word setting to any combination of five characters, and an encrypted version of your message will be created in the bottom text box.

To recover the original message, paste it in its entirety into the top box. If the program is still in "Encode" mode, click on the "MODE" button to put the program into "Decode" mode. Then type in the same five character "Magic Word" that was used to encrypt the message.

To download your very own copy of this program for use on Windows computers, please click on the Download link below. If there is enough demand, we will create a Mac OS X and Linux version too.
Download Zero Encrypter Version 2

If you have tried the free trial edition, and wish to further enhance the capabilities of your copy of the Zero Encrypter, please consider purchasing the upgrade for only £5.

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